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Pandora Jewelry Online Sale.On 16 March 2017, the jewellery company PANDORA officially launches its new Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The collection consists of four parts; Spring, Mother’s Day, Summer and High-Summer, where Spring traditionally is the largest. PANDORA’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection consist of 164 new pieces of jewellery including 26 charms with motifs inspired by the popular Disney characters.This year, PANDORA also introduces several new rings and earrings, not to mention a completely new bangle. Thereby PANDORA moves closer to become a full jewellery brand that enables women to express their style, celebrate their life and relive a feeling in new ways.”PANDORA’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection is bright, versatile and strong; like women. Each piece stands for something positive that women can admire and believe in, in terms of roots, actions and aesthetics. What they choose says something about them,” says Stephen Fairchild, Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at PANDORA.Cheap Pandora.Together with the new Spring/Summer 2017 collection, PANDORA launches a new communication campaign, which celebrates women to be true to who they are and take positive action.”PANDORA is a brand rooted in transparency for more than 30 years, offering authenticity and dedication in our actions for bettering ourselves and others. The DO campaign and our new collections celebrate and bring this ethos to the forefront, ensuring that together, we are doing what is true to us,” explains Minna Philipson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at PANDORA.Shop Cheapest Pandora Charms.